Five Minute Fridays: So Far and Yet So Close

How can a person who’s so far far away be so close to your heart?


That used to be one of the questions I used to hear from time to time, while courting my husband.

He was living in England while finishing his Masters degree and I was in Mexico in my last year in Uni.

How can you possibly love a person who you’ve never seen before, or barely seen?. You see, I only got to see my husband 3 times before getting married: The first one, he went to Mexico from England, just to meet me in person, though we were in a formal relationship already. The second, He went from England to Mexico to get Engaged and the last one to Mexico from Botswana to get married.

Sounds crazy? Yes it does.

Was it difficult? The most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. They were the 4 longest years of my life.

Was it worthy? YES, YES AND YES!

I think most, not to say all of God’s things, won’t make sense…there’s no logic and they’ll be foolishness to the world. But those are the things that will truly bless your life, will make you grow and mature, even in your walk with the Lord!

oops, STOP!!

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