team us: marriage together – a review

I’m swapping re-blogging day with tomorrow 🙂
This seems to be a great book on Marriage. Definitely goes to my “to read” list!
Have you read it?

heading home

Why should I take the garbage out again?  I did it last time! It’s his turn!

I’ve cooked supper four nights in a row.  He could at least give me a break once a week.

She always leaves her wet towel on the bed.  It drives me crazy.  No matter how many times I tell her, she never hangs it up.

I woke up with the baby last night.  He should get up this time.  If he doesn’t, he should wake up two nights in a row next week.

I shoveled the snow from the driveway every morning this week.  I deserve a back rub.

Though fictional examples, I’m guessing you could fill in the blank with at least one instance when you’ve used a mental tally system in your marriage.  Times when you’ve chalked up points for yourself in your mind based on your own good deeds.  Times when…

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