Create in Me a Clean Heart…

Create in me a clean heart…was David’s prayer (Psalm 51:10) and it’s mine today.


What can make a heart clean?

God’s working power through His Holy Word and Holy Spirit.


What can make a heart to be acceptable before God?

A real transformation, result from God’s testing.


Testing? Yes, Testing. In Psalm 7:9 David says that God “try the hearts and emotions and thinking powers”. I used to believe that this was referring to the fact that God sees our hearts. Yes, He indeed knows our innermost but He even goes beyond that. He tests our hearts (emotions) until purified. Think of it, like gold refining or diamond work.


Does it hurt? You bet.


 Trying times are learning times. They are testing times.


God will use circumstances and even people to teach us how to be stable and keep on walking in the fruit of the Holy Spirit, regardless how we feel.


Ahh, feelings…emotions can be so fickle, can’t they? (specially we women…and in particular days of the month). One day you feel excited, happy and energetic and the following day, you can feel entirely different!.


God in His word has given us the keys to stability to not to live by our feelings. When we allow our feelings to manage us, instead of us managing them we will not enjoy of a victorious living and we will not give God the glory He deserves.


Trying times are learning times. They are testing times.


What to do what you feel your emotions are being tested?

-Stop any condemnation (it won’t help, it will only make you feel worse).

-Don’t try to figure out the why, or how is this happening

-Just recognize that your emotions are being tested, learn, trust God and move on.


Your Turn

Can you recall a recent event or circumstance when your emotions were tested? What did you learn? Any Scripture that helped you through?

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